Fact of homoeopathy

Fact of homoeopathy :


  • Homoeopathic medicines reach to body parts in fraction of seconds & work immediately, so if selection of remedy & its power is appropriate then this is the fastest method of treatment.
    Thus homoeopathy works slowly it is wrong tradition.


Use of power of medicines :


  • When vital plane is too much shrinked as in accidents, diarrhoea, vomiting, dehydration, last stage of cancer or in viral disease homoeopathic medicines should use in low or moderate potencies because higher potencies may cause homoeopathic aggravation some time, means disease symptoms may increase. here is small doses of medicines, management of fluid intake also should done to improve vital plane.
    While in skin disease there is long duration of disease cause & there is no any vital plane shrinking so high power homoeopathic medicines should be used so that skin disease can be aggravated & discharge of pus may cause in skin lesion to fascialiate the treatment. By opening discharge skin ailment recover quickly & permanently. Here this procedure is time consuming so skin disease take time to cure, so homoeopathy known as slow treatment.


NOTE: Vital plane of human being & animals are same so same power of medicines & same dose of medicines is used to animal also.