How homoeopathic medicine works

How homoeopathic medicines work in body :


  • Potentized homoeopathic medicines are used to take by month. When globules put down on our tongue these globules melt with saliva & medicinal power absorbed in globules is now dissolved in saliva & absorb by the papillaes of tongue.

  • Medicines are only power so quickly this power is absorbed by papillaes & with in fraction part of seconds reach to different parts of body. There is no any barrier to the power in our body like allopathic medicines. These homoeopathic medicines immediately reach to brain also and a distant part of the body.

  • Here when vitality of that organ is reduced by atmospheric bacteria’s & viruses, organ show some symptoms or sign of disease. When their symptoms matched accurately with medicines & given as remedy.

This vital force of remedy empowered to that organs vital plan by assist it to fight against bacteria’s or viruses. In mean times our body vital plane again recharge & attack with double force thus atmospheric bacteria’s & viruses destroyed by our vital plane and by medicinal power. Thus remedy help in destruction of bacteria’s & viruses as well as help in improvement in resistance power of body.
Thus homoeopathic medicines improve resistance power so work very efficiously in viral diseases also.