How homoeopathic medicines prepared

How homoeopathic medicines prepared :

Any particle can be dissolved in water or alcohol with the help of succession or can mix in sugar of milk by triturition.  It can possible by chemical method that is resonance.
When two particles come each other, they bond like a molecule giving and taking energy to leave or take last layer electrons of atom. Their two outermost layer of electron combine to each other & one layer of one particle leave the electron to another particle layer of electron & thus both become a single molecule by this bonding. This energy is used to make it powerful molecule. This phenomenon is known as resonance.

  • Now we take 1 part of this solution and 99 part of ethyl alcohol make 99 successions. Due to successions this particle by resonance mix with in alcohol and some energy released by it by transferring electrons from one layer to another particle layer. This energy is used as medicinal property which have properties of that substance, but in much powerful form. This solution is known as 1c potency of that substance.


  • Now for prepation of 2C potency we take 1 part of 1 c potency & 99 part of ethyl alcohol & makes 99 succession. Now again by resonance some energy released by transferring electrons form one layer to another layer of bonding molecule. This is 2c potency to prepare next potencies we repeat this method in such a way.


  • We use 30C, 200 C, 1000C, 10000C…… potencies as medicines. In 30c medicinal part(Quantity of substance) reduced to 30 times but energy level increase to 30 times.
    In next potencies to make bonding internal layer of electron breakdown which release more and more energy going inner side of atom towards nucleus.
    Breakdown of nucleus can cause atomic explosion.


  • Thus in homoeopathy medicines there are no any quantity of substance but only power. So homoeopathic medicines does not have any side effects of substance that remains in allopathy where substance is used as such. So in homoeopathy any substance can be used as medicines has potassium cyanide(KCN) also but in allopathy it cant’s be possible because it is a dangerous poision.
    In homoeopathy nearly 10,000 basic medicines are available of those provings are doing on healthy human being not on animals by which mental symptoms and aggravation times, period intensity, sensation and fellings are also noted in homoeopathic medicines symptoms while in allopathy only signs are available.


  • In homoeopathy 72 medicines from poisons are proved by Dr. Herring. Nosodes, sarcodes, plants, herbs, shrubs, chemicals, minerals, electricity, sunlight, moonlight, magnetic power everything is used to prepare medicines in homeopathy.
    Thus homeopathy is broad wide medicines which have too much symptoms for every atmospheric change also.
    When these symptoms came in pt. Dr. matches these symptoms of pt. with totality of individual to medicines. Accurate match of symptoms make of selection of remedy & appropriate dose of remedy can my cure the pt. in single dose also permanently.


  • Dr. hahnemannan sahab do this homeopathic practice whole life & treat the pt. with permanent cure and be happy. Thus hahnemannan sahab gave a new permanent cure method of medicines as homeopathy.