Know What Is Homeopathy

You know what is homoeopathy :

Dr. Fedrick Samuel hahnemannan is founder of homoeopathic treatment of medicine before 200 yrs. in Germany. After 10 yrs. of allopathic practice he realized lacunaze of allopathic medicines that patients come again & again for same problem with increase frequency. There was no cure only was transient relief for disease. Now he wants to such a medicinal system in which disease may cure permanently. For it he invent the new medicinal system  ie. Homoeopathy.


  • Homoeopathy is based on “similia similibus curantur”.
    Means when a small but powerful dose of medicine is given then it cure those symptoms which produce when this medicinal part is taken in large quantities. Its means symptoms(disease) generated by eating any substance can cure by its powerful fractional dose.

  • Vaccines are also based on this principal.