Special Achievements

1. In Dengue: 100% rise in platlets with in 48 hr. without blood transfusion. In last 5 year. 800 patients treated.
2. Brain Haemorrhage & Paralysis: After brain Haemorrhage removal of cloats and treatment of paralysis.
  • The fastest case : 92 yr. lady cured paralysis with in 12 hr.
  • Due to complete faith of family in homoeopathy & paralysis start 5 A.M. treatment started at 6 A.M. and paralysis cured at 6 P.M. same day. Patient was mother of Sh J.P. Gupta.[Retired Assistant Commissioner of Income Tax], Address: B – 114 Mangal Marg Bapu Nagar, Jaipur.
  • If after brain Haemorrhage immediately homoeopathic medicine is started then it stop the breeding and dissolve the cloat thus paralysis cured quickly.
  • Last 30 yrs. of paralysis case Mr. Riddh karan ji Godha was treated in age of 70yr.
  • In 14yr of practising age 110 patients successfully treated of paralysis.
3. In Chickengunia: Confirm treatment by removing rashes fever and joints movement with in a week.
  • Till today nearly 180 cases treatment by me.
4. Typhoid : In all type of viral fevers and in typhoid fever successful treatment.
5. Jaundice: Sure success Even S. Bilirubim 4 SGOT 2200/PT 1600 cured with in 7 days.
6. Acute pancreaditis and Appendicitis: Sure success
7. Face: Chloasma pimple marks & spots clean successfully.
8. Alopecia: Circular Baldness sure success.