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Paralysis Treatment Homeopathy

Q. How homoeopathic treatment of paralysis is better than allopathy?

Ans. When blood pressure increases too much, micro capillaries of brain bleed and this haemorrhage collect an one place and become solid slowly slowly. This is called as haemotoma. This haemotoma produce certain pressure to brain center of body or organ. Due to pressure there is paralysis in that part or organ of body.

Allopathic Treatment:- Inj. Of heparin used to dissolve to this haemotoma. After a limit hiparin cannot be use because it dilute the blood also, which may again can do haemorrhage of capillaris.
Thus after a limit this can’t be used. In chronic cases of paralysis after a limit there is limitation of allopathy.

While in Homoeopathy:-

  • Medicines remove this haemotoma fastly and can cure to too much old or chronic case also.
  • These medicines does not dilute blood while remove haemotoma melting it and make absorption of this blood again in capillaries.
  • These medicines also give power to capillaries by increasing its elasticity and plasticity. So again haemorrhage can’t be possible for that capillary.
  • Thus patient recover quickly removing pressure in brain by removing haemotoma and safe by repairing bleeded capillary also.

Note:- Thus treatment of paralysis by homoeopathy is quick, safer and permanent.