Homoeopathy for Renal Calculi

Homeopathy Medicine For Baldness

In urinary tract two types of stones found

1. Calcium oxalate ii. Phosphates
2. Left Kidney is tilted in our body and uretar is high in kidney.Due to this position renal calculi of left kidney are difficult to remove.

  • homeopathy has different-different medicines for both kidneys, uretars, bladder and urethra.
  • Homeopathy medicine able to breakdown the stone in right kidney more successfully then left kidney.
  • Medicine increase urine output and push the stone downward.
  • Stone stuck in lower sphincter of ureter may cause hydronephrosis.
  • Medicine is given to dilate this sphincter and push the stone downward.

Thus homeopathy medicine successful in removing the stones.


  • Only homeopathic medicines remove urinary tract stones successfully and prevent from formation of new calculi.
  • So after removal of calculi medicine should be taken for prevention of formation of stones.
  • And have to check again and again formation of calculi in many patients.