Homoeo Treatment For Chikungunya

Homeopathy Medicine For Baldness
As name shows chicken like movement of limbs.Chikungunya is a viral disease transmitted to humans by infected Aedes mosquitoes.

Symptoms: It causes fever and severe joint pains.Other symptoms includes muscle pain, headache, nausea, fatigue and rash.

Tests: Chikungunya

In Chikungunya severe joints pain present while in dengue whole body pain as beaten or base pains

  • Joints affected and swelling.
  • Patients can’t mobilize limbs and joints and severe pain.

In homoeopathic treatment:

  • First 3 days pain and fever remains high.
  • After 3 days fever and pain subsititue.After it rashes and apathere in mouth starts With homeopathic medicines all symptoms subsidue within 7 days and after 7 days patient is fully overcome from Chikungunya.