Homoeopathic medicines for dengue

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Q. My Homoeopathic medicine how works in dengue?
Ans. In  dengue DEN1-4 virus eats platlets which are responsible of blood cloat.

When platlets decrease continuously haemorrhage start from ear, nose, mouth, subcutaneously or with urine & stool.

  • Due to Bleeding a decrease in platlets patients may die.
  • My medicine is 100% homoeopathic  medicines when given hourly, 10 Drops in 1/4 cup of water. It destroys dengue virus with in 36 hours.
  • After it this medicine helps  in production of platlets by body improving resistance power of body and stimulating erythropoitin process in bone merrow. Thus immediate and 100% successful  homoeopathic  medicine I have prepared for dengue.

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